Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dishcloth Possibilities

This is one of my Dishcloth Shuffle possibilities. Mom (the sock snarf) is also a dishcloth snarf! And loves this one. If I can get it in the mail and off to my recipient I will be thrilled! LOL Seriously, I like this pattern quite a bit [thank you Dave!] and may use it for Christmas presents as well as general gifts!
After a day in front of a computer at work learning a new charting system, I'm ready to spend the rest of the night knitting. And will probably fall asleep in mid-stitch!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

MY August Socks!!

Here is my August entry for SAM-2. Just a plain ol' sock done in Opal Petticoat! I think they are snazzy, although the girls at work kept having Easter flashes while I was knitting them. Something about pastels, go figure! Actually, I'm pretty pleased with them and I am about two inches from finishing the pink and black ones that I hold so dear to my heart!

This week has kicked my bottom, what with orientation and all. BUT I am in the final stretch and soon to be well oriented and ready to hit the floor running! Taaa daaaaahhh!! And now? I have some great socks to work in too...

I'm waiting to see how well I do working two jobs. I haven't done that in a while and hope I can keep up the pace. I think I have it spread out pretty well though. Three nights at my first job, two days off then two days at the second. I shouldn't have too much of a problem. Plenty of rest in between the night and day shifts. And a nice stretch before I start the nights again. We will see.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Moment Of Silence

I would like to take the time for a moment of slience. Today at 0601 a plane of 50 crashed at our airport. It is being called the worst domestic tragedy in several years. It has been determined that it was not a terroristic act. There is one survivor and he is considered in very critical condition. Please remember these victims in your prayers.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

At last!

At last some time to update. It's been a long week; orientation, Mom being in the hospital (she's doing fine folks!) and the driving... oh my goodness the driving to and fro! I have been able to keep the knitting going and almost finish my pink and black socks, continue work on the dishcloth for my dishcloth pal, and piddle with my big needle big yarn socks (worsted and #3's)

I hope I will be finishing the pink and black socks either tonight on lunch break or tomorrow sometime (on my only day off). I'd like to count it as my August entry in the sock of the month KAL.
Orientation is making me crazy. Ask anyone I know, I'm not a paperwork person. I try. Lord knows I try but the piddly paperpushing of the process is just nuts.
Last night (this AM I guess) I restarted my garterlac dishcloth. It's relaxing and I love how it looks . I think my dishcloth pal will like it!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I thought while I still had the camera I'd better take more pictures before I had to return it. Here is a preview of my Mom's sweater swatches, the first one. Hopefully this will be ready for Christmas.

I like to design my own cable sweaters. This will be the second one (to be actually finished and for a purpose!). The first went to..............yes you guessed it! A boyfriend that ran, fast, after that gift. So will I knit for anyone other then family??? Never again!


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Here's my wonderful pink and black socks!!

After many trials and tribulations [and finding the little picture button on the posting page] I am showing the first "sock of the month"/"yarn of the month" sock. The quality of the picture isn't the camera's fault. I'm still trying to learn about this camera so it's all me!

I want to thank my youngest niece Katherine for the use of her camera when she isnt at her dad's. She ROCKS!!

Mom is still trying to talk me out of this pair, so I am hoping the young lady I bought this yarn from will dye another lot like it again!! This isn't the first pair I have completed this month (I average 2 pair a month plus a few assorted items) but it's the first pair I could get my hands on for a picture!
More to come!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fixed and ready to go!

I am now offically safe. My brakes are working. Thank goodness for a great machanic!
This weekend is the Woodland Arts and Crafts Fair. For the most part its a lot of fun, however its a traffic nightmare and not one I want to get into this weekend. My favorite yarn store, Magpie Yarns, will have Alpacas in the back of the store for all to see. I made the mistake of telling the younger nephews and niece this last weekend. I have a feeling I will be in the traffic anyway.
I bought some Noro this week. First time too. Its just wayyy toooo expensive. BUT this colorway sang to me. And yes I bought two skeins. Maybe I will make some mittens or a hat. I do need one for this winter.
I will be in orientation this next week for still another job. I will work in Louisville Friday and Saturday during the day and be paid for three days. Then work in Danville Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights and still be full time. So I wont have TWO jobs technically, just one and half. The only problem is this will definately cut into my knitting time.. THAT will stink. The bright shiney side to that is I will be able to make my Stitch and Bitch group on Thursdays!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Update On Life As I Know It

I've begun my first Sock of the Month with my first Sock YARN of the month. Coincidence? I think not! I've also added still more buttons to the site, as you can see to the right --------> over there [I like the clock. And the Weather Pixie. Gawd, I'm easily amused...]

My brakes died this AM on the way home from work. The smell of impending doom was in the air. But not to worry. A cool head and expert driving skills got me home safely (Thank goodness for that man and his tow truck!) That was an adventure. But all was not lost and there was neither a wreck nor endangered lives. Most importantly my latest sock made it home safe and sound. A girl must have her priorities ya'know.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

OMG!! I have buttons!!

Lookie!! I figured it out. I have buttons in my sidebar. WHoohoo!!! [yes, I AM the poster child for the technologically impaired] I'm a big blogger now!!!
The big challenge? Being able to do it a second time..
I got buttons! I got buttons! ::::dancing around::::::::
Whew... ok I'm finished celebrating now. Back to work!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Well, I've done it now

Ok... I'm getting wayyy to enthusiastic. First I join the ISE3, then I join the Sock of The Month2, THEN I sign up for the Conquering Cables site and I think somewhere in there I'm doing something with dishclothes.
Sounds pretty intimidating doesnt it? Well, let's look at the big picture...............
If I'm only knitting 1 pair of socks a month, someone in the family isn't getting socks for Christmas.
If I don't knit dishclothes at a rate of 3-5 a month then someone at work isnt getting a Christmas present.
I am designing a cable sweater out of Donegal Tweed for mom as we speak ( sort of, swatches are completed anyway)
Even so, I hadnt thought of any scarves so this one is new for me and mine.
I think I will be ok.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sock of the Month

I joined the Sock of the Month club w/ Spunky Yarns last month. This week I received a delicious yarn that was pink, white, chocolate brown and black. Last night (actually this morning around 2) I started my socks. Nothing fancy.. Just a plain old pattern and I LOVE it!!
Ok.. hard to imagine by words alone, I know. BUT when I get the my niece's digital I'll be driving you guys nuts with the pictures... The black in the sock literally spirals around the sock!

Looks awesome and yes, Mom had already laid claim to the aforesaid socks.. Her exact words? "well I DO have a set of black scrubs BUT I could buy something pink too" Yep she's a sock snarf. But in my world she can get away with it.
Yes she's a nurse too. And color coordinates much more (and better) then I do.
I think I may order another skein so I can still have a pair.....

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Stash Control and a Celebration

Last night and today my youngest niece and I began cleaning out the stash closet. Not an easy task I assure you. Together we gleaned out yarn I wouldn't use in the next two years or so. She took some home, some went into the charity bag and some is going to be traded at our next SNB meeting. As I cleaned, I took the unballed skeins and made them into nice neat cakes o' yarn. To some (i.e. those who dont knit) this might seem boring but she and I had a tremendous time.
After the first 20 balls of yarn, I had hand cramps. ICK! But looking at the boxes of nice neat yarn today, it was worth it.

I found 6 pair(ish) of unfinished socks. I'm probably going to finish 4 pair of them and frog the others. Didnt like them much when I was working on them. Which is most likely why they are in stasis at this time and not on someones feet!

Today was the official celebration of my eldest niece's 18th birthday. All had great fun. And she get a lot of things to take to college. After the festivities I dropped by the newest yarn store in Lexington, Magpie Yarns. It's a nice little store in a converted older home. One large room with lots of windows and a fireplace. Lots of cozy furniture and the yarns are well displayed. This coming weekend is the annual art fair at the nearby park (Woodland Park) and the store is planning to have illamas in the back lot and a spinner somewhere in the shop. Ok, maybe on the porch. Either way the nieces all want to come see the animals and I of course will shop.
Am still on the quest for a digital camera. I think my youngest niece will loan me hers until I purchase my own. She's a sweetie!

Friday, August 11, 2006

First Time For Everything

After much trepidation and procrastination, I attempt my first blog. And, of course, it will be predominately knitting. Although I will warn you, I will also mention my son and his exploits from time to time. I am, after all, a doting mother as well as a ferocious knitter. So, bear with me for the first few clumsy attempts until I get my bearings (and a digital camera).

Did I mention I'm all about knitting socks and designing my own cable knit sweaters?