Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sock of the Month

I joined the Sock of the Month club w/ Spunky Yarns last month. This week I received a delicious yarn that was pink, white, chocolate brown and black. Last night (actually this morning around 2) I started my socks. Nothing fancy.. Just a plain old pattern and I LOVE it!!
Ok.. hard to imagine by words alone, I know. BUT when I get the my niece's digital I'll be driving you guys nuts with the pictures... The black in the sock literally spirals around the sock!

Looks awesome and yes, Mom had already laid claim to the aforesaid socks.. Her exact words? "well I DO have a set of black scrubs BUT I could buy something pink too" Yep she's a sock snarf. But in my world she can get away with it.
Yes she's a nurse too. And color coordinates much more (and better) then I do.
I think I may order another skein so I can still have a pair.....


Blogger Dave said...

I think you're going to really enjoy her club -- I love her yarns and really look forward to seeing what's coming next. I think she does colours better than anyone else!

Blogger Bettina said...

Hi Kelly,

so you're part of Sock of the Month as well. So am I.

I'm glad you will be part of it.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.



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