Sunday, August 20, 2006

Here's my wonderful pink and black socks!!

After many trials and tribulations [and finding the little picture button on the posting page] I am showing the first "sock of the month"/"yarn of the month" sock. The quality of the picture isn't the camera's fault. I'm still trying to learn about this camera so it's all me!

I want to thank my youngest niece Katherine for the use of her camera when she isnt at her dad's. She ROCKS!!

Mom is still trying to talk me out of this pair, so I am hoping the young lady I bought this yarn from will dye another lot like it again!! This isn't the first pair I have completed this month (I average 2 pair a month plus a few assorted items) but it's the first pair I could get my hands on for a picture!
More to come!


Blogger Dave said...

Wow, awesome colours there!!

Blogger Melissa said...

Hi! I am going to be your discloth swap pal. I decided not to keep myself secret so that I can more easily figure out exactly what you like. Can't wait to get your stuff going.
Those colors are awesome!!


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