Saturday, August 12, 2006

Stash Control and a Celebration

Last night and today my youngest niece and I began cleaning out the stash closet. Not an easy task I assure you. Together we gleaned out yarn I wouldn't use in the next two years or so. She took some home, some went into the charity bag and some is going to be traded at our next SNB meeting. As I cleaned, I took the unballed skeins and made them into nice neat cakes o' yarn. To some (i.e. those who dont knit) this might seem boring but she and I had a tremendous time.
After the first 20 balls of yarn, I had hand cramps. ICK! But looking at the boxes of nice neat yarn today, it was worth it.

I found 6 pair(ish) of unfinished socks. I'm probably going to finish 4 pair of them and frog the others. Didnt like them much when I was working on them. Which is most likely why they are in stasis at this time and not on someones feet!

Today was the official celebration of my eldest niece's 18th birthday. All had great fun. And she get a lot of things to take to college. After the festivities I dropped by the newest yarn store in Lexington, Magpie Yarns. It's a nice little store in a converted older home. One large room with lots of windows and a fireplace. Lots of cozy furniture and the yarns are well displayed. This coming weekend is the annual art fair at the nearby park (Woodland Park) and the store is planning to have illamas in the back lot and a spinner somewhere in the shop. Ok, maybe on the porch. Either way the nieces all want to come see the animals and I of course will shop.
Am still on the quest for a digital camera. I think my youngest niece will loan me hers until I purchase my own. She's a sweetie!


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