Saturday, August 26, 2006

At last!

At last some time to update. It's been a long week; orientation, Mom being in the hospital (she's doing fine folks!) and the driving... oh my goodness the driving to and fro! I have been able to keep the knitting going and almost finish my pink and black socks, continue work on the dishcloth for my dishcloth pal, and piddle with my big needle big yarn socks (worsted and #3's)

I hope I will be finishing the pink and black socks either tonight on lunch break or tomorrow sometime (on my only day off). I'd like to count it as my August entry in the sock of the month KAL.
Orientation is making me crazy. Ask anyone I know, I'm not a paperwork person. I try. Lord knows I try but the piddly paperpushing of the process is just nuts.
Last night (this AM I guess) I restarted my garterlac dishcloth. It's relaxing and I love how it looks . I think my dishcloth pal will like it!


Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

So good to hear that your Mom is doing fine - all the very best to her!
I really love your socks, the colors are so yummy! Great work!


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