Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fixed and ready to go!

I am now offically safe. My brakes are working. Thank goodness for a great machanic!
This weekend is the Woodland Arts and Crafts Fair. For the most part its a lot of fun, however its a traffic nightmare and not one I want to get into this weekend. My favorite yarn store, Magpie Yarns, will have Alpacas in the back of the store for all to see. I made the mistake of telling the younger nephews and niece this last weekend. I have a feeling I will be in the traffic anyway.
I bought some Noro this week. First time too. Its just wayyy toooo expensive. BUT this colorway sang to me. And yes I bought two skeins. Maybe I will make some mittens or a hat. I do need one for this winter.
I will be in orientation this next week for still another job. I will work in Louisville Friday and Saturday during the day and be paid for three days. Then work in Danville Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights and still be full time. So I wont have TWO jobs technically, just one and half. The only problem is this will definately cut into my knitting time.. THAT will stink. The bright shiney side to that is I will be able to make my Stitch and Bitch group on Thursdays!


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