Thursday, May 10, 2007

Exciting Things

My son moves out tomorrow into his first apartment. He is extremely excited and so am I. We've been digging through things in the house that he can take with him and save him some money. My living room is passable and that's it. By the time I get home from working in Louisville, most of his things will be in is new place.
I found a great apartment also and will be moving at the end of June. This comes after my present landlord tells me that he is going to add another floor to the place I am living in RIGHT NOW. While I am in it, trying to sleep for a night job. I have no idea how deeply he sleeps folks but I am NOT that deep sleeper. Not even with drugs.
So I went looking yesterday and found an amazing one bedroom in a four-plex. It's great! I'll post pictures as soon as I throw them in the computer.


Blogger Dana said...

Yea for both of you! :)

Anonymous Bobbi said...

Congratulations to you both! Thank goodness you found a new place like that. Living through the addition would have been horrid!

Blogger Dorothy said...

Congratulations for you both!


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