Monday, April 30, 2007

Alas Poor Kelly...

I'm working too much folks....That's it plain and simple. While all my knitting friends, in person and in blogland, are finishing wonderful amazing projects, my knitting is at a much slower pace.

I could resign from one of my two jobs, but then my goal of being debt free in 5 years will go up in smoke (not to mention kick my "downpaymentforahouse" fund out the door). I already knit at lunch when working and in my hotel when I am in between shifts during my weekend job time. I guess I must accept my karma.

Of course it doesn't help when I join things like Karen's Glove KAL, ending up really frustrating myself by slowing down production of FOs even more.

These are amazing gloves. The problem is I can't knit on them during lunch. Everyone bugs the crap out of me asking about them and how in the world do I do "THAT" [now anyone knows that people who don't knit call all kind of things "THAT". In this case it's the corrugated ribbing]. Usually I knit plain socks. They (coworkers) are used to those and don't bug me as much. And those plain and simple socks are usually Christmas presents (ahem...239 days, not that I am counting).


Anonymous Bobbi said...

Don't give up on your goal. Just think...once you have your own house you can fill it with yarn...just consider it insulation.


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