Wednesday, April 04, 2007


So.... I take a week off to get my house in order and do a bit of spring cleaning. Wednesday is fine. Just a touch here and there to begin slowly. I went into relaxation mode, kicked back, no pressure to get things done in a couple of days. I have a week right? I made a few lists of things to do and the days I wanted to attack them. Got my stuff together, bought some large garbage bags for the stuff in closets I wanted to clean out, cleaning supplies for the floors and tile, other odds and ends. Not too difficult right? So what happened???
I wake up Thursday with a broncitis very similar to the one I had in February!
Couldn't breath, stuffy and snotty, fever, and felt like a truck ran over me ( Did someone get that license plate number???)
So I went BACK to the doctor, was prescribed more meds, came home and ended up in the bed until Monday, swigging cough syrup like nobodys business. The only reason I even attempted to leave the house on Monday? I had a hair appointment (and believe me, I needed to have something done. I was looking a bit ragged even for a sick gal!).
I did get a bunch of knitting finished, a baby sweater for one of my best friends at work, my scarf for the ISE4 pal, and started a bunch of sock ideas, most of which I tinked because they just didn't suit me. But not to worry, I will have a project on the needles before I begin my kamakazi work schedule again!


Blogger CraftyGirl83 said...

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. At least you still felt like knitting, right? :)



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