Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Here!!! It's Here!!!

My copy of "More Sensational Socks" arrived today! I'm going to go pick out still another sock to be working on. So far the count is 3 pairs in progress. With this new sock I will choose from the book, it will be 4!( You know what ? I'll bet you guys figured that out by yourselves didn't you?)
The arrival on this book was actually kind of coincidental. It followed yesterdays delivery of my Rockin' Socks Club (bi-monthly) and my Spunky Club (monthly) installments. So it stands to reason one of these MUST be used. It's fate leading the way. Karma if you will.
By the way. If I'm only knitting one thing at a time, something is very very wrong. Send in the National Guard, chicken soup, money or just come by yourself to check on me. Just FYI.


Blogger Dave said...

Looking forward to seeing which yarn you choose, and which pattern you make!

Blogger Abigail said...

I am patiently waiting for my copy to arrive! Is it as good as the first one?

Do let us know what pattern you are going to choose.

Blogger Dorothy said...

Very curious to see what pattern you choose.


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