Sunday, April 22, 2007

What A Great Day!!

Yesterday was a great day. No. An amazing day!!
I left the house at 9AM, went to the Book Festival, met the Harlot, knitted ALL day (9AM until 1130PM) and never once did housework. Ok, well, I don't do alot of housework but that's for another post.

After standing in a line a rather short period of time (ok yes, I camped out in a "concert line" for a while) the Harlot signed all 4 of her books for me. No need to buy them. I have had them since each had been printed. I also got this great picture of her holding her travelling sock and MY SOCK (who still hasn't gotten over the initial shock of immediate fame! And meeting one of the famous travelling socks.) Nifty eh?

At this point, my friend Jane and I wandered around for a while, bought some books for Christmas presents (Ok I gave Dad his train book when I got home. I'm not much on keeping secrets or presents for months). We found the rest of our SNB group and gathered in the conference room for the main event. The Harlot delivered an excellent talk and we laughed until we cried. She's perhaps one of the funniest women I have ever met (OMG yes I said met. I MET the Harlot!!) Twas great.
I had a neat little video on my camera (since it is supposed to be able to do such things) of the Harlot showing her "different ways to knit". HOWEVER, I am inept when it comes to transfering such things so pretend it is in this spot:


until I can figure it out ( I have to find the instruction booklet somewhere in the knitting room. Yeah, right). I did snap some other great pictures of the Harlot knitting with our group and here's a few:

After the Book Fest and the Harlot, I travelled to Magpie Yarns (who sponsored our gal's visit, Thanks Diane and Jane!) and bought yarn and hung out for a while.

Mom called and invited me to dinner, which was great!! Favorite foods, my favorite sister and her crew, Dad of course, and the crazy dog. Then topping off a perfect day, I journeyed on down to ReBelle, still another amazing LYS and knit until I couldn't lift my needles from exhaustion with my great friends from our SNB group! What a great day!!
The only thing that would have made it any better would have been having a couple of the cast members of 300 (Spartan, of course) accompanying me to any/all of these events, carrying my knitting bag and books I had purchased, and rubbing my feet and neck while I enjoyed the day, and basically being at my beck and call... yeah....


Blogger CraftyGirl83 said...

Don't we all wish that a hunky man would carry our knitting bag and give us neck massages, LOL.

It was great seeing you yesterday (as well as the rest of SnB)- thanks for the sock advice! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have some nice Harlot photos here! You should probably post on her site and let people know so they can link to you and see them. I Googled you, looking for "Harlot and Kentucky." Thanks for sharing with us! Tina

Blogger Vegan said...

I am so jealous that you got to hang out all day. I went by in the morning, but that was all. Luckily, she stopped by the shop on Sunday before she flew away.


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