Thursday, March 08, 2007

Guess What I Did Today?

Thursday is my only FULL day off during the week.
Granted, Wednesday, technically, is the other day off but I work from 7pm Tuesday to 7am Wednesday, so most of it is spent sleeping. Since I had the whole day off I did some "catch-up" things, paid bills, went to the bookstore to buy a book for my SockretPal, picked up a pre-Lent yarn order (yes I give up yarn buying for Lent) and then???? I signed up for a class. And nothing exotic either, a short row heel class!
Ok I heard some snickers over there in the corner. Knock it off.... Really. I just can't get the hang of it. Maybe if I sat through a class I will get it. I mean, I love my flap heel and all, but I want to expand my horizons. Nothing wrong with that eh?


Blogger Sheila said...

I know what you mean about sleeping on your days off. I am a nurse practitioner in the Neonatal ICU and I take call at night in house. So I sleep for a while on my day off too! It does eat into knitting time. Sometimes I wander down to the LYS after 3 pm just to sit and try to knit after being up all night.


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