Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Week After......

It's been a week since I ventured back to work AND since my last post. And of course, I had a very busy, busy week. Lots of admissions, lots of very, very sick patients, lots of doctors . Considering I hadn't worked in two weeks, it just seemed worse the usual. I'd get home and fall face first in bed, exhausted.
Snooooorrkkkk!!! <--me snoring, he he he. I had been working on a sock from the custom Sockret Pal yarn one of the participants had dyed for us. The sock was almost finished...almost to the toe! And what did I do? Ripped it back to the beginning of the heel flap. Why? I just. didn't. like. that. heel. It didn't work for me. I would knit a while, look at the whole sock so far and think, 'hmmm maybe it would look better if I knit just a bit more'. I tried the thing on to or three times. I stretched it a bit. Nope... that wasn't it. It was a nassy, nassy heel. Now? I feel much better and will probably sleep better tonight (which is great considering I work my second job tomorrow). The redo looks much, much better.

I'll talk to y'all when I get back this weekend!


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