Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hey Dave.....Guess What?

While I was making my resolutions for this year, (see earlier posts) I made the comment that I had enough yarn for 40-ish pairs of socks. Dave, of Criminy Jickets fame, commented in a polite manner about the amount of sock yarn. I was amused, kind of chuckled to myself and went on about my business.

While recooperating, I started cleaning a bit here and there in the house, particularly the middle (substitute--> knitting here) room . Then--I thought: "hmmmm I wonder JUST how much sock yarn I actually have.

Well Dave? Uhhh.....ummm ... welllllllllll.... it's actually enough for 72 pairs. NOT 72 skeins, 72 pairs. That excluding 4 additional pairs uncompleted and awaiting a decision to frog or not to frog. And no, I am not going to tell you how many ACTUAL skeins of sock yarn I have out of and in the public view.

I'm almost afraid to begin counting all the other stuff.


Blogger Dave said...

That's a much more respectable number. ;-)

I'm not counting mine. Let's just say that I have no real prospect of knitting it all up in my lifetime, and I still seem to have more coming in. I recently had to clean out a closet so I had somewhere just for the hand-painted sock yarn, and the "commercial" stuff is stored elsewhere. I'm not a knitter; I'm a collector. Looks like you are too!

Blogger KnitNana said...

You know, sock yarn is exempt from the Knit from Stash KAL. Except that these days, all I seem to want to knit is socks. Instead of feeling bad about all this, or claiming collector status (b/c I will use this) How about the idea of a yarn 401K? as in 401Knit?
Not my original idea...I saw it on someone's blog and I love the concept...

When we retire, have much more time to knit, and more limited funds - we'll be delighted to have all this yarn "socked" away!

Blogger Sheila said...

Holy cow! That's just a few socks. But who's counting? Not me!


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