Sunday, January 28, 2007

OMG I'm An Idiot!

Well. Lets see... I changed my blog over to the new wersion of blogger. You remember I was bemoaning NOT getting any comments at all ? Feeling lost and alone??? Guess what?
I found out that somewhere down the road to signing up for the blog I had checked off the "approve first" mode. And I found several months of comments.
OMG... duh!!!
For those that have commented in the past? I am SOO SORRY.... And thanks for the comments. And if anyone asked for me to reply, really I wasn't ignoring you.
Now? I'm going to read my wonderful comments and then email Abigail so she can have a good laugh too.


Blogger Abigail said...

Let's see if this works:D

What have you been knitting lately?

Anonymous Lynae said...

Ok, that is something I might do. I saw your note on Swap-Bot...I am SO glad you like your kit!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Kelly! Watch for a package coming your way from your Sockret Pal -- hope you will like it!


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