Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Arrived and Departed

My Coffee Swap partner out did herself for me. Last Wednesday the package she sent me arrived with three amazing yarns, raspberry vanilla candies, caramel corn, chocolate covered pretzel pieces, a snowman spoon rest and cup, and two great coffees. I'm afraid there is no picture because my camera is on the fritz again (Im taking the receipt to the store tomorrow and telling them where this thing really needs to go)
I am thrilled with her generosity and kindness. Thanks so much Amy!!
My son left for the Airforce today. He goes to basic in Texas and from there to Florida for advanced training. Its been a long day and I am hitting the sack.


Anonymous Susie said...

My hubby leaves to go *visit* the Airforce tomorrow...he's flying to Okinawa to spend Christmas with our daughter and son-in-law.

Y'all will be in my thoughts and prayers...this is a tough time. If you write him daily - even trivial stuff - and find others who will also, he'll make it through a little easier. I remember Mike at his graduation saying that there were days when the only thing that enabled him to go on another day was the promise of mailcall...

Once he got into Tech school, there was none of that and we all emailed and chatted by phone. But those six weeks of Basic Training are horribly lonely.

Hang in there, Mom!


Blogger junior_goddess said...

OoohRAH from just south of Lackland AFB, where your son has gone. It's gonna be fine, mama. You raised a good kid.


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