Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Chocolate Overload!!

My Chocolate Swap buddy out did herself! Abigail (the hostess with the most-ess I might add) was my spoiler and spoilee and she certainly did spoil me rotten. Apparently my package arrived while I was out of town at work last Friday. My son saw the chocolate swap noted in the return address and was circling the package when I got home Saturday night. I had to threaten his existence if he so much as touched a single thing until I could click a few pictures of the contents (please refer to the Chocolate Swap blog for more pics).

The Peppinridge cookie package? Only had one cookie as of this shooting. LOL It's been almost a week and I STILL have chocolate left. I havent even touched those bars of sheer chocolate exstacy yet. Not to mention the hot chocolate mix accompanied bya great looking cup!

And let me tell you about the delicious yarns!! I was the recipient of some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in the Java colorway. AND if that wasn't enough, I also got three skeins of chocolate colored Boa! I can't wait to sink my needles into THAT!
Thanks so much Abigail. I hope we can do this again soon!!


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