Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thunder & LIghtening

Wow! What a night! Thunderstorms have been ripping through my area and they have been beautiful and terrifying at once. I am getting over an inner ear infection and called in to the second job a second day. This illness is fortunate since the way I usually drive to work is covered in flood warning areas and one portion of the highway (I-64) has actually been closed. So far we have had a reprieve and there are just sprinkles right now. But the weather man on channel 27 is telling us that we are in the middle of the storm system and the rest is on its way. Whew! For once I am glad I wasn't feeling well enough to work.

The up side? I am working like crazy on my ISE scarf for my pal. If I can get most of it done today I will be thrilled! It's a bunch of nap and knit this AM. I can handle that. I have a cup of warm tea and yarn. If I felt better it would be heavenly!


Blogger Abigail 1870 pearl said...

I'm putting together your coco package and if all goes well it should be on it's way soon:D

Be prepared for chocolate overload!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, tea swap pal - coincidence, we're having thunder and lightening here in xxxxxxxx today, and flood warnings are coming.

I know you like caffeinated teas - any favourites???

Blogger Dave said...

A nice tweedy something would have been very comforting in the middle of that storm. :-)


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