Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Compulsion? Obsession? Insanity? You Decide!

It's a compulsion I do believe. So far I am signed up for (in this order) :

International Scarf Exchange, The Dishcloth Shuffle; Sockret Pal; Knitters Tea Swap 2; and now? Chocolate Swap!
And this doesn't include the 5 KALs I have picked up along the way.....

I have already received my Dishcloth and my International Scarf recipient. Just three more to go and I'm set. I'm already working on the dishcloths. And I have ideas about the scarf now that I have the specs from my givee. So I am okie dokie there.
This is going to be great!


Blogger Heather said...

Oooh, don't feel bad...I'm in several of those swaps with you! I just joined the Sockret Pal (what a neat idea!) & the Chocolate Swap, too. I'm a big 'ol swap addict, so we're in the same boat together! :)

Blogger Dave said...

ha ha -- you're addicted ;-)

Blogger Abigail 1870 pearl said...

Thanks for joining the Chocolate Swap. I need your email addy so I can sign you up.


Blogger yarnmamapanj said...

Hello from KY also! I saw you on the knittters Tea 2 swap, I am in also.
I live in Cecilia, KY which is right out side of Elizabethtown.
I agree it is hard to resist the swaps! I love them!!
I love your dishcloth, I may be brave enough to try it one day. I am a newbie to pattern reading!!
Be Blessed
Pancy J


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