Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Abigail: Chocolate / A Letter: A Plea

I wanted you to know that I am now at the end of my Chocolate Swap treats. I began the hot chocolate last weekend when the really really cold weather hit. Are you certain that there isn't going to be a Chocolate Swap II??
P.S. the hot chocolate is very very good!!

Finally, A Day Off!

When I began this blog I was a one job, "gawd I gotta have overtime!", woman. Around the middle of the summer my primary job cut out overtime. Sooooooooo....since the beginning of September I've been juggling two jobs.
One is a three night 12 hour/ shift (Sun,M,Tu). And the other is a two DAY 12 hour/shift (F,Sat). So basically I'm working a 60 hour week.
Now...dont get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Especially when the two day job pays me for three! It's just that I have almost no time for knitting, family, knitting, cleaning, knitting, or me! So my hours of knitting are time of my own and I love them, every one.
What's the point of this rambling? In case you didn't notice, and I'm certain you have by now, my entries here have been few and far between. Therefore..........
New Year's Resolution: Make time for the blog! And get a camera!!

I also begin my two-day a week [i.e. days off] cleaning and organizing phase. I will be working on the knitting room (yep, a room. Small but a room), the living room/dining room area (I live in a ranch-style house) and really need to mop the kitchen floor and throw my scrubs in the wash for work Friday.
New Year's Resolution: Keep on top of housework and laundry so I don't have to do marathon cleaning. Leaving more time to knit!

I'm going to stop there with the resolutions until later this week. I have several. And all good and helpful. I'll be salting them in between posts probably for the next month! Stay sharp and be on the lookout for them!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Stash Issues. A New Years Resolution.

This year I have a few resolutions that are not my usual "go on a diet", "get in shape", "fix a budget" types. This year I'm going to try to rein in the yarn consumption. I mean when I was working on the "fix my budget" resolution I found some months I spent a bunch of money!! And that's not including my precious knitting books. And no, I will not disclose how much. Although..... somewhere there's a third world country that I could have fully-funded for a year!

Last year, I gave up yarn purchasing for Lent. It was about that time one of my fav LYS went out of business. I was on the edge! Do I break my fast or do I run to the great sale???? I was deeply torn. I would get in the car and drive by...sit and watch the happy shoppers with their bags of discounted yarns, and pout. Even now the memory is painful. BUT I stayed the course and didn't buy a single skein of yarn. Not a needle or a notion. Nothing. And yes, if I had that kind of willpower on a diet I'd be a size two!
Seriously, I went all the way to JUNE before buying anything at all that year! It was insane! My family wanted to know who I was and where Kelly had gone! Smart alecks! Hummph!

THIS year I'm continuing my stashbusting by joining Stashalong. I'm hoping to finish some UFOs and get rid of some of the large stash I've accumulated over the years. After all, when you have yarn that is older then your child (who BTW is 20!) it's time to do some "use it up or toss it out" thinking. So far, I've cleaned out my yarn closets and reorganized them, put the yarn I won't use into two piles (stuff to give away and fiber to trade), brought out the swift and ball winder to wind the skeins into balls for mobility/convenience and have dug out UFOs.

And speaking of UFOs? No, I'm NOT going to tell you how many I found. It's embarrassing to have more the 25 separate projects in the works! And when I say "MORE THEN" I mean MORE! The next two days I have off? Yep! Visits to the frog pond. The sounds of Rippit Rippit will fill the air. I'm just wondering how many different sets of needles I will reclaim out of all this.

And last but not least? I'm going to save up some of the money I would have used for yarn to buy a CAMERA (that works) so you guys can see what I'm up to!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

OMG I'm An Idiot!

Well. Lets see... I changed my blog over to the new wersion of blogger. You remember I was bemoaning NOT getting any comments at all ? Feeling lost and alone??? Guess what?
I found out that somewhere down the road to signing up for the blog I had checked off the "approve first" mode. And I found several months of comments.
OMG... duh!!!
For those that have commented in the past? I am SOO SORRY.... And thanks for the comments. And if anyone asked for me to reply, really I wasn't ignoring you.
Now? I'm going to read my wonderful comments and then email Abigail so she can have a good laugh too.