Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Finally, A Day Off!

When I began this blog I was a one job, "gawd I gotta have overtime!", woman. Around the middle of the summer my primary job cut out overtime. Sooooooooo....since the beginning of September I've been juggling two jobs.
One is a three night 12 hour/ shift (Sun,M,Tu). And the other is a two DAY 12 hour/shift (F,Sat). So basically I'm working a 60 hour week.
Now...dont get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Especially when the two day job pays me for three! It's just that I have almost no time for knitting, family, knitting, cleaning, knitting, or me! So my hours of knitting are time of my own and I love them, every one.
What's the point of this rambling? In case you didn't notice, and I'm certain you have by now, my entries here have been few and far between. Therefore..........
New Year's Resolution: Make time for the blog! And get a camera!!

I also begin my two-day a week [i.e. days off] cleaning and organizing phase. I will be working on the knitting room (yep, a room. Small but a room), the living room/dining room area (I live in a ranch-style house) and really need to mop the kitchen floor and throw my scrubs in the wash for work Friday.
New Year's Resolution: Keep on top of housework and laundry so I don't have to do marathon cleaning. Leaving more time to knit!

I'm going to stop there with the resolutions until later this week. I have several. And all good and helpful. I'll be salting them in between posts probably for the next month! Stay sharp and be on the lookout for them!


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