Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Baby Break~~

I am so excited. The kids called me for lunch and presented me with this picture. First photos of my first grandchild!! He/she is 10 weeks and 4 days in this ultrasound*. Whooohooo!!!
------I think he/she kinda looks like me. Don't you? LOL----------
(*from left to right: head w/ a hand in front of his/her head and then the bottom. very photogenic!)


Blogger Abigail said...

Congratulations Grandma:D

I'm thrilled and a touch jealous. My baby is 14 so it's going to be a while until I have my turn.

Blogger Kathy said...

Yes - I do believe I see the resemblance! :)

Wait till she can have the new 3D ultrasounds...where you can really see the face. Totally amazing! Our baby looks very Asian - just like his mamma. Has her nose and mouth. Also lots of hair. He'll be here in about 7 weeks! I can hardly wait!!

Being grandmas is going to rock!


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