Wednesday, April 16, 2008

There's Knitting In The House!

Look!! Socks!!
The bad thing about moving is sometimes the label falls off and you can't remember what the yarn is, or who sold it to you, or how to wash it. The good thing is it still makes up into a really cool sock that actually doesnt look so bad with the MAJOR amount of pooling going on. Personally I think it's kind of hypnotic.

This is a basic sock with a 6k-1p-2k-1p rib pattern. This is one of my favorite patterns simply because it is mindless but looks a bit busy. I love the little stripey toes!!


Blogger Heatherly said...

hi! which song?
at the bottom of my blog is a play list. the first song on it is the song of the harlot by the violet burning. i think there latest CD is drop dead. this song is from about 20 yrs ago

Blogger Dave said...

Very cool pooling -- they look kind of tie-dyed!

Blogger Kathy said...

WOW! Those are fun!!
"Mysterious Madness" enjoy....


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