Friday, November 20, 2009

Birthday (forgot to mention this)

I forgot to mention that during life as it happens, I turned 50!! In October. I love it. When I turned 40 I realized that I could basically tell everyone to kiss my derriere (spelling?) NOW I can rinse and repeat LOLOL.
I love being chronologically gifted!

And here is a not so recent picture of the grandbaby! I believe he is 10 months old in this one. Handsome fellow isn't he?


Blogger Kathy... said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Thanks for the photo of the babe....he is indeed a handsome little dude.

Funny - I had that same feeling when I turned 40. Nothing much changed when I hit 50, but I am now pushing 60, and watch out world. I feel a new uprising coming on.... LOL All these years of hotflashes ... its been brewing..... LOL!!!

Good to hear from you again. Stop by my blog next time you are out and about. My little one is growing up fast too = too fast for this grandma! And, you can see what a spinning monster your little gift helped create!


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