Monday, October 29, 2007

A Day After My Birthday Find!

Even though I live in Kentucky I am not the biggest fan of country music. That being said, I found this Dolly Parton song that REALLY spoke to me. At my age (mind you I found this the day after my birthday) changes are a major occurance. I hope you gals think this is a amusing as I do! It's called "The PMS Blues". Ya gotta love it.


Blogger Gnat said...

THANK YOU so much for your wonderful "Fall into Autumn" swap package. I got it yesterday and took pictures but didn't get a chance to load them on my computer. :) I love everything you sent. Kenny has already eaten half the chocolate...I was only able to get one so far. :) I'll post all about it on my blog tonight. :) THANK YOU!!!

Blogger Sheila said...

That is the best video! You made my day!


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